i had a revelation…..

i’m done feeling like shit about myself because society tells me i should.

i’m done feeling like i need to lose weight because i’ve been persecuted for being fat

i’m done feeling like i’m nothing because i started to give it to what i was being told

i’m done feeling like i can’t find love because i like girls and society tells me i shouldn’t

but most of all 

i’m done feeling like a worthless piece of shit that isn’t on this earth for any reason than to be at the end of someone’s joke.

i’m done listening to society, instead….

i’m feeling comfortable in my own skin because i deserve to

i’m losing weight because i WANT to for me

i’m going to go out with who i want, i’m going to kiss who i want, in public

i’m done being a joke. next time someone jokes about me for anything i’m standing up for myself. i’m not letting the “it was just a joke” mentality hold me back any longer. i’m going to be who or what i want to be and screw anyone who doesn’t like it. i’m a soldier and i’m ready for war. bring it on society!

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